Friday, June 5, 2009


King Diamond

I don't know how many of you will know Mr.Diamond but he is on my top 5 he has a disturbed mood to the music which brainwashes me and i am a fan of his epicness for this and his second Band Merciful Fate, I will not comment much on his music because he rules this realm gives a psychotic delirium in which i can be myself. King Diamond has won a Grammy
for his work on both bands you guys be the judge of Kings awesome work.
5 Skulls direct from hell.

Some favorite songs:
Digging Graves
Heads on the wall
House of god

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Thursday, June 4, 2009



An American Heavy effin Metal band whose purpose is to dominate, they are the loudest metal band in the world and i am not giving any biased opinions here they broke the world record twice for being the loudest band, their genre can be focused on fantasy but the music speaks for itself. their music differentiates they have that Metal mind shattering sound and a light touch of mellow somewhere if you can dig between all delirium. Although there popullarity here in North America is not much they are extremely Huge in Europe, i highly recommend this band.
this is my band of choice for any girl sweet 16 party ; ) this is also another adrenaline pool band
for true metal fans . this band lives, breathe and speak metal its in their blood, i am not glorifying this band either this is how they make me feel, 5 Skullz yeah with a damn z,
to those who have never listened to Manowar please do you won't be disappointed.

Some of my favorite songs:

Gods of War
Die for Metal
Blood of the Kings
Metal Warriors

From Hell!!!!

Dark Moor

A Power Metal band from Spain whose music kicks the ass of many out there, they have over 7 full length albums ,in the least that's my opinion they are very good. although in 2003 the vocalist Elisa Martin left band along with Drummer and guitarist to start of a new band. she's been vocals to bands, Hamka, Fairy land, and as of 2007 in the band Dreamaker.
even though the band went through some changes during this past few years they still rock and are amongst the best to me no matter what others might think this is metal. i give this band a 4 Skull rating since the split up of the original members their music direction has wavered a bit in the album Beyond the sea. you guys tell me what you think.

Favorites songs of many:
A Life for Revenge
From Hell
The Ghost Sword
A New World

Killer Sound


Before known as Thunder cross is an Italian Power or Symphonic Metal band whose music is to me empowering, this guys are beyond anything else I've heard in their genre, to date they have 7 full albums in which all of them and better then its predecessor. this guys are true metal at least in my eyes for the most part i engulf my yet to be psychotic mind in their music who never fail amaze me and give me my well deserved rush, those fans who listen to Rhapsody know what i am talking about. this guys are one of my favorites whom i give a 5 skull rating because they are the destroyers of innocence, if you love metal these guys will be right up alley.

My favorite songs from this band:

Unholy Warcry
Dawn of Victory
Emerald Sword
Land of Immortals
In Tenebris - Knight rider of Doom

* i can keep naming songs here but i don't want to make this post too long since this band KILLS

My Adrenaline pool


A Symphonic Metal band from Sweden who i think are underrated when they have so much damn talent that is out of this world. Their music powered by a symphony gives an edge to those Metal fans who seek their thrills through their music and those willing to drown themselves in an adrenaline pool. up to date they have four albums and one demo, thus far the album Astronomy is my favorite for the none stop rush i get from every song. if you are into the metal regardless of background this band will make bang your head, this i recommend with my bloody heart in hand, there are no other thrills to be sought than a metal band and your fists, This band gets 5 skulls from me but you guys be the judge.

Favorite song from this album: Direction Perfection